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     The automated gate operator is the core of an electric gate system; without the right leverage and power, all the accessories in the world won't make the automatic gate operate properly. It is essential to take into account the length of the gate, hinge design, wind resistance, and more. DIY Gate Openers gives homeowners the tools they need to choose exactly the right electric gate operator, with detailed descriptions and a Virtual Yard designed to offer recommendations and virtually visualize the proposed setup. And, we offer a myriad of gates for a variety of specific needs. Furthermore, Estate Swing carries automated gate openers with enough strength to handle ornate electric gates, as well as those that are gentle enough for vinyl gates. With all these options, and the information necessary for an educated decision, DIY Gate Openers is the premier online store for driveway security gate openers.

     DIY Gate Openers believes that do-it-yourself installers can install a completely automated gate opener system to suit exactly their needs without compromising functionality for price. We provide the scaffolding to support the DIY installation by breaking down a gate opener system into five categories: Gate Openers, Entry, Exit, Safety, and Power. These categories allow the homeowner to examine their needs in a logical progression. Other stores break down a gate opener system by types of products, which means property owners need to sort through pages of descriptions to figure out which products suit their needs.

     In addition to our innovative product categories, we have a Virtual Yard that can suggest products to suit the needs determined by the survey, or those products that are compatible with the selected electric gate operator. The Virtual Yard lets customers see how the products will look on their property, which is a revolutionary concept to assist those customers who understand information better visually.

     Finally, our DIY (Discount It Yourself) packages are designed to recommend products that are compatible with the selected automated gate opener. Unlike other packages, though, the homeowner gets to decide exactly what they want in a package. Choose products that suit specific, individual needs and save money by eliminating all the extras.

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