"Safety Egg" Infrared Sensor

"Safety Egg" Infrared Sensor

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These infrared sensors can be placed inside the property, before the gate to activate opening for an easy, no hassle exit. Additionally, alternate installation makes this device a safety item.

When it comes to keeping any automated gate safe, the Safety Egg is the product to trust. Have peace of mind knowing family and property will be protected from the occasional mishap that can occur. One or two carefully placed sensors can keep the automatic gate opener from closing accidentally on a vehicle or, more importantly, a person.

Having a wired sensor is more reliable because the power supply charge will never run down, which could risk unknowingly running the gate opener without the safety device functioning. The Infrared Sensor can be powered with 12/24 DC or AC voltage which can be conveniently powered off a variety of low voltage automatic gate openers. With an over 30 foot range, this sensor can be used on virtually any residential or commercial driveway.


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