Estate Swing Solar Charging Alternative Power Source (GC122) - 5W

Estate Swing Solar Charging Alternative Power Source (GC122) - 5W

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Available in 5 Watt, 10 Watt, or 20 Watt. This unit is a complete solar alternative kit. Complete with post and wire, this kit replaces the need for your gate opener to be connected to its transformer. The solar panel trickle charges the battery the same as the 110v connection. It is perfect for remote locations, long driveways, or energy conservative individuals. Solar energy is the cleanest, safest form of power available; using the sun for energy benefits the environment as well as your wallet and eliminates the concern of power outages.

The solar panel is completely weatherproof, virtually indestructible. The post is 3/4" square aluminum tubing which will not rust and can be painted any color to match surroundings. The post can be attached to just about any surface using the correct hardware.

*Make and model may vary from picture above.

Optimum Orientation for Solar Panels: (Your Latitude x 0.9) + 29 Degrees = # of degrees your panel should be angled towards true South from the horizontal position (laying flat pointing directly up)

The colors on this map designate solar zones during the periods of the year when the least amount of sun light is available. The recommended cycles do not factor the power draw of accessories. Cycles are considered one full opening and closing movement of a maximum size/weight gate for the corresponding opener. Cycles are also figured to be proportionally distributed over a 12 to 14 hour period; not consecutive.

Single Vinyl Gate OpenerZone 3Zone 2Zone 1
5W: 1384

Dual Vinyl Gate OpenerZone 3Zone 2Zone 1

QB ID: GC-122

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