Estate Swing Auto-Exit Sensor (CS-200-S50) - 50

Estate Swing Auto-Exit Sensor (CS-200-S50) - 50'

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This device is for anyone wanting hassle free exiting for their property. No remotes, push buttons, keypads or anything else is needed; just drive towards your gate and it will open for you. It works on electro magnetism. As a body of metal moves past the buried sensor at least 5 MPH the sensor's electromagnetic field gets disturbed and the gate is triggered to open.

One of the biggest advantages of this device is there is nothing above ground and there is nothing below the driveway. The sensor gets buried parallel to the driveway, eliminating the need to saw cut the driveway to insert a loop or run wire beneath. The fact that there is nothing above ground means that you wont have another obstacle to mow around or let strangers know that their is a way to trigger the gate from the inside. The range on the sensor is 15 feet and there are 4 options for the amount of wire pre-attached to run back to the gate opener: 50 Feet, 100 Feet, 150 Feet, 200 Feet. The wire cannot be extended, only shortened, so be sure to purchase the max amount you have room for in case you wish to extend the exit sensor the full distance from your gate the property will allow. Remember that the further back the exit sensor is the more time the gate will have to open and the less you will have to slow down as you approach the gate.

QB ID: CS-200-S50

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