Estate Swing Interference-Free Auto-Entry Sensor (CS-200-S50/NIR)
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Estate Swing Interference-Free Auto-Entry Sensor (CS-200-S50/NIR)

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This device is great for anyone not concerned with security. Many people set up gates not for security but for decoration, deer or pest prevention, or retaining dogs and livestock. For these people they would rather not restrict anyone from entering or make them stop and use a keypad, push button or other entry device. The Estate Swing Interference Free Auto-Entry Sensor is a combination of a buried metal mass detector and an above ground infrared photo sensor. This unique combination is highly recommended for use outside the property so cars going down an adjacent road don't cause the sensor to activate nor do non-metallic objects cause the photo sensor to activate: only a car that enters the driveway and passes by the metallic sensor and photo sensor will make the gate open.

Both are wired together directly to the gate opener for activation of the gate opener. The magnetic sensor works on electro magnetism. As a body of metal moves past the buried sensor at least 5 MPH the sensor's electromagnetic field gets disturbed and the gate is triggered to open. The sensor gets buried parallel to the driveway, eliminating the need to saw cut the driveway to insert a loop or run wire beneath.

The Photo eye is placed on the primary side of the driveway (the side with the control box) simply run wire down to the photo eye and mount it on a small post in the ground. Then arrange the reflector up to 18' away on the opposite side of the driveway and reflect the beam from the eye back to the eye.

QB ID: CS-200-S50/NIR