Estate Swing Universal Garage Door Receiver (P294-1K)
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Estate Swing Universal Garage Door Receiver (P294-1K) - Single Channel

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The Universal Receiver is for synchronizing your gate opener remotes to work your garage door or other automated remote device. The receiver is easily wired in using a 4 wire connection and can be attached to model garage door openers. To know if your garage door can be operated by an external receiver you will need to locate two terminals on the garage door opener that when jumping across them (like when done with a wall mount push button) activates the garage door. The garage door receiver has a range of approximately 75 feet but can be used in conjunction with the The Estate Swing Extended Range Antenna. The single channel is for a single garage door opener, the two channel is for two garage doors and the triple channel is for 3 garage doors. The receivers should be use in conjunction with multi-button remotes.

QB ID: p294-k