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Outdoor Buried Driveway Exit Sensor CS202 (CS-200-S50)
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Outdoor Buried Driveway Exit Sensor CS202 (CS-200-S50) - 50'

Sale Price: $144.95
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Compatible With:
Estate Swing
Most other gate openers

The exit wand is available with 50', 100', 150' and 200' of lead wire You may not extend the wire Choose your desired option above.

The Gate Crafters CS202 sensor is a multipurpose exit sensor and vehicle detector that allows hands free access; and, because of it’s simple design, it is compatible with most gate openers including the Estate Swing, Apollo, Zareba, and many others. The single piece design provides the installer with simple installation procedure.

The Gate Crafters CS202 is buried in the ground so a potential intruder or vandals do not notice it. The Gate Crafters CS202 has wide range power supply options from 9V to 35V AC or DC. Low current consumption makes it an excellent choice for solar power applications.

The Gate Crafters CS202 sensor uses passive probe sensor to detect changes in the earth's magnetic field. These changes are caused by a movement of ferrous metal objects such as a car in the proximity of the probe. The sensing area of each probe is in the shape of about 15-foot circle. The size of this detection circle changes with the size and speed of the moving car. The Gate Crafters CS202 sensor can be buried in the ground about 6 inches deep parallel to the paved driveway. It also can be placed 2” deep in asphalt or concrete under the path of the vehicle.

The Gate Crafters CS202 has simple and effective design ideal for many uses including:

  • Access Control – can be used as a “free exit” vehicle detector for gates, overhead doors and parking barriers.
  • Safety – can be used to detect moving vehicles in an environment where there are blind areas along the driving path and actuates warning lights.
  • Energy Conservation – can be used to detect moving vehicles along a driving path or driveway and turn lights on only in the proximity of the vehicle.
  • Security – can be used to detect approaching vehicles or an unauthorized movement of a parked vehicle and actuate alarms, video cameras or vehicle annunciator.

QB ID: CS-200-S50

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