GTO/Linear Pro SW3002XLS Dual Gate Opener (PROSW3002XLS)
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GTO/Linear Pro SW3002XLS Dual Gate Opener (PROSW3002XLS)

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GTO/ Linear Pro proudly presents the new upgraded Linear Pro SW3002XL series as the Linear Pro SW3002XLS. The Linear Pro SW3002XLS focused on upgrading the performance and durability of the unit. The biggest changes with this gate opener is the increase of the opening speed by 10%, a rev-counter board with a reed switch technology that helps the unit to determine its position, and a better front mount scraper seal design.

Linear Pro SW3002XLS is a DIY kit and is easy to install. It is frequently installed in residential applications that want to automate gates made of farm tubing, steel, aluminum, wood, chain link and many other gate types. This unit can be installed on either side of your gate. In most applications, it is used as a pull to open unit, but you do have the option of a pull to open if needed by adding the push-to-open bracket (NOT INCLUDED) . If your installation involves a round post, you can use an angle iron to extend the rear face of the post to fit the mounting bracket.

The Linear Pro SW3002XLS is a low voltage system, this will avoid the need of running 110 AC power to your gate. It's as simple as running a 16 gauge low voltage wire to your nearest power outlet supply within 1000’ away from the gate. Solar power accessories are also compatible with this unit (sold separately). We carry a complete line of accessories including key pads, transmitters, exit wands, gate locks, solar panels and much more to make your gate opener more convenient. This new gate opener is not cross compatible with the old PRO SW3002XL model. The control board and arms can not be used or exchanged if you require a replacement part.


The GTO/PRO SW3002XLS is a practical system that is easy to install. It is the larger of the two heavier duty openers made by GTO, Inc.

  • Gate Length and Weight - Up to 16' length and 650 lbs
  • Gate Materials - Wood, Steel, Aluminum, Vinyl, Chain Link, and more
  • Gate Post or Column Size (pull to open design) - Max 8" x 8" post or gate mounted 4" from the rear face of a column (the gate side facing the property)
  • Push to Open - Yes (bracket purchased separately) - setback above does not apply to push to open.
  • Power - Battery (included) and Low Voltage Trickle Charge (included; 12V DC/7.0 A system)
  • Solar Compatible - Yes
  • Max degree of opening - 110 degrees
  • Power Wire Specification - 16 gauge wire (purchased separately) with 1,000 foot max length from transformer to control board.
  • Warranty - 2-year manufacturer control board/ 2-year component manufacturer warranty.
GTO/Linear Access Pro 2000XLS Gate Capacity Chart.

  • Soft Start/Soft Stop - Soft start/soft stop is a feature in which the control board, during the set up process, learns where your opening and closing points are for the swing of the gate. Then during normal operation the gate operator automatically slows the motion of the gate to smoothly meet with the gates destination point. This feature can also be turned off.
  • Closing Timer - Set your gate to close between 0 and 100 seconds after reaching the full open position or turn this option off to leave it open until an entry device activates closing motion.
  • Learn Mode - With the GTO/PRO 3002XLS the learning process, the end points are determined by the user via remote. A simple press of the transmitter tells the opener where to stop and when the opener is set to the desired stop points, save the settings on the board.
  • Oversized Control Box Housing - The GTO/PRO 3002XLS oversized control box can house (2) 7 amp/hour batteries and is rated for outdoor use (only one is included with purchase). It is resistant to high winds, sand, dust, rain, snow, sleet, and freezing water, protecting your valuable control board from the elements and your battery from corrosion.


The tools and supplies listed below recommended in the manufacturers manual. DiYGateOpeners does not provide these tools and supplies, but they can be purchased or rented at local hardware stores.

  • Power Drill
  • Open End Wrenches - 3/8", 7/16", 1/2" and 9/16"
  • 3/8" Drill Bit
  • Pliers
  • Hacksaw or Heavy Duty Bolt Cutters
  • Small (Flat Bladed) Screwdriver
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Tape Measure
  • Level
  • Wire Strippers
  • C-Clamps - small, medium, and large
  • Center Punch
  • Adjustable Wrench
  • An extra person will be helpful

The type of gate, power supply, and contributing environmental factors determines whether or not additional supplies are needed. For further details, consult the product manual that comes with this gate opener model.

  • Rev-counter board with reed switch technology
  • Improved front mount and scraper seal design
  • 12 Volt DC/7.0 amp hour, sealed, rechargeable battery
  • One button auto-memorization of digital transmitter code
  • Mounting Hardware for a post mounted installation
  • AC Transformer
  • Operator Arm
  • 318 MHz RF radio receiver
  • Entry transmitter
  • Control Box and Control Board
  • UL325 Certified
  • Spanish/English Manual


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Manual: 3002XLS Dual Gate Opener Manual

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