U.S. Automatic Sentry 300 Series Single Swing Solar Gate Opener
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U.S. Automatic Sentry 300 Series Single Swing Gate Opener

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U.S Automatic Sentry 300 Series Single Gate Opener is a simple Plug N GO installation with a self-explanatory control board that makes the system DIY friendly. The installation time is usually under one hour. This unit requires a 12-Volt dc battery (not included) that is charged by an AC (120 VAC) supplied transformer. The transformer is recommended to be within 1000' of the gate area. An additional extension cable is required if the AC power is more than 10' from the gate opener control box.

The Sentry 300 Series Gate Opener allows the option of using solar power (sold separately). Normally only one solar panel is necessary, and it will be capable of a high number of cycles per day. Any of the accessories added to this unit must be solar-friendly. To determine how many cycles to expect per day from your solar system you can review our solar region map.

Some of the characteristics of the U.S Sentry 300 control board are high-quality components and industry-leading ideas like auto-resetting fuses for motor protection avoiding unnecessary expenses on replacement of fuses. This control board also has built-in potentiometers to adjust the stop limits.

The Sentry 300 Series Gate Swing Swing Gate Opener by U.S. Automatic is proudly manufactured in the U.S.

  • Gate Length and Weight - Up to 20ft length and 400 lbs
  • Gate Materials - Ornamental Iron Gates,Farm Gates, Ranch Gates, Chain Link Gates and more
  • Max degree of opening: 90 degrees
  • Gate Post or Column size (pull to open): The pre-drilled hole on actuator bracket must be located 5" behind the gate hinge and 8" to the inside of the property.
  • Push to Open: Yes. The pre-drilled hole on actuator bracket must be located 7" in front of the gate hinge and 4" to the drive side of the hinge
  • Solar Compatible: Yes (5 watt panel kit sold separately)
  • Power: 12 volt DC battery (not included)
  • Power Wire Specification: Transformer is supplied with 12 feet of cable, if extension is needed use Sentry Charge Cable Extension Kit (part #630050).
  • Operating Temperature: -22 to158 F
  • Warranty:3-year control board/ 3-year component warranty.
  • **Will need to be installed with a UL 325 complaint monitored safety device to function.**

  • Remote Transmitters Included: 2 transmitters come standard to open the gate from your car
  • Wireless Ability: Plug N Go harness eliminates wiring
  • Solar Compatible: Up to 50 cycles per day (with 5 watt solar panel kit)
  • Preinstalled Components: With components preinstalled, set up time is minimal
  • Universal Mounting Brackets: Bracket hardware is provided for both round and square posts
  • Charge Controller and Transformer: These two patent pending products are included with all operators
  • Installation How-to: Provided color installation manual/DVD
  • USA manufacturer: The 16" stroke linear actuator is made in United States
  • Warranty: Limited 5 year electrical / 3 year mechanical warranty


The tools and supplies listed below are suggested in the manufacturers manual. DiYGaterOpeners does not provide these tools and supplies, but they are available at local hardware stores for purchase or rental.

  • Wrenches - 7/16, 9/16 and 10mm
  • Sockets 7/16, 3/8 and 5/16
  • Drill
  • Drill bits 1/4 and 3/8 inch
  • Drill adapter for socket attachment
  • Pliers
  • Hack saw
  • Level and tape measure

U.S Automatic Sentry 300 gate openers require welding for installation. This will secure the linear actuator mount to the gate hinge post. If the bolt-on bracket is used, additional maintenance will be needed to keep the brackets secure. To provide the correct support, and to fasten the linear actuator mount, we recommend installing the brackets using carriage bolts, lock nuts, and washers (Do Not Use Lag Type Bolts). Loose or unsecured installation of linear actuator mount will cause the unit to fail and not properly operate.

The type of gate, power supply, and contributing environmental factors determines whether or not additional supplies are needed. For further details, consult the product manual that comes with this gate opener model.

  • Linear Actuator Arm
  • Plug N Go Harness
  • 1/2" Cable Gland
  • Entrapment Siren
  • Set of 2 Safety Signs
  • Set of 2 433Mhz Transmitters
  • Transformer
  • Hardware kit
  • Control Box with Installed Components:
    • Charge Controller
    • LCR Receiver
    • Control Board
  • Universal Actuator Bracket
  • Square Post Flush Mount Bracket
  • Round Post Flush Mount Bracket
  • Actuator Bracket
  • Gate Bracket
  • Gate Support Bracket
  • Set of 2 Bronze Bushing
  • Manual release pin
  • Manual release clip
  • Color Instructional Manual & DVD


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Manual: sentry gate opener manual
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