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Linear Access RE-1 Residential Telephone Entry System
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Linear Access RE-1 Residential Telephone Entry System

Sale Price: $995.99


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Compatible With:
Estate Swing
Most other gate openers

As seen on one of the amazing properties on the hit show CSI:Miami!

Linear's RE-1 Residential Telephone Entry System is an unparalleled marriage of style and technology - one of those rare products that makes a strong statement and performs an essential function.
Available in Nickel, Stainless Steel, or Gold. Select the desired option above.

In terms of design, the RE-1 is unlike any other residential entry product on the market. Uniquely styled and available in a choice of the "noble metals" - brushed nickel, stainless steel, or gold electroplate - it has all the characteristics of a high-end, architectural-grade, custom-designed system. Simple, striking, and trend-setting, the RE-1 does more for home owners than provide a means for screening visitors and granting access to their residence. It conveys a subtle statement of affluence. It sends a message to guests arriving at the gate that they have come to a place of importance.

Functionally, the RE-1 brings the cutting edge of access technology to residential entry applications. It is the epitome of security merged with convenience. From its full complement of voice response capabilities to its built-in radio, auxiliary control functions, and optional closed-circuit television monitoring feature, the RE-1 is as forward functioning as it is forward looking. An RE-1 at the gate says it all. And has it all.

Cast Housing Means Lasting Beauty
Linears's residential telephone security system is the first to utilize cast stainless steel for its inherent strength and striking appearance. This housing can take hits from both Mother Nature and vandals and maintain its functional integrity and good looks. As an alternative to this stainless housing with a polished finish, the RE-1 also comes in cast zinc with a choice of brushed nickel or gold finishes. White down lighting that is both dramatic and practical is provided by an extremely long-life white LED source. The use of surface mount technology (SMT) for all electronic components minimizes the effects of interference from electro static discharge and protects against damage from lightning strikes.

Control Functions Beyond The Gate
The RE-1 has two built in general purpose relays for maximum system functionality. One can be used for the control relay and the other for a myriad of auxiliary control functions, including activation of safety edge reverse, external lighting, or alarm shunting.

Megacode Inside. Telephone Entry With Wireless!
The RE-1 is the only telephone entry system presently available offering a built in wireless receiver and antenna. But this is not just any wireless receiver. It's the MegaCode radio by Linear, the people who pioneered radio frequency based security and access control. The famous MegaCode unit allows the use of handheld, visor clip, and keychain transmitters (the industry's largest selection) to achieve additional remote control over gates and garage door openers. Its code selection from over one million factory-set possibilities that cannot be changed in the field assures the highest protection against code theft and duplication.

More Than Single-Dwelling Capacity.
The RE-1 is not limited to residential applications. With its capacity for 100 entry codes and its ability to support up to 100 transmitters it is ideal for sites such as employee parking lots and commercial parking garages. Premises entry can be via keypad as well as transmitter. System activity may be monitored and logged (500 event capacity) for retrieval via computer.

More Options For A Full-Featured System.
The unique cast housing of the RE-1 has provisions for the integration of a Knox lock for applications requiring a means for emergency access onto the property. This feature eliminates the need for an unsightly separate lock box, thus preserving the RE-1's outstanding aeshtetics. For residences with a second drive entrance, a service entrance, or additional vehicle gates or walk gates, auxiliary keypads are available to provide entrance control. These keypads, part of Linear's access control product line, are also valuable when there is a need to have a keypad code to exit the property. Finally, driveway sensing can be provided for with a loop detector to trigger the RE-1 to announce a vehicle at the gate or to activate a relay to provide more light at the gate.

Voice Prompts. User Friendly, Owner Friendly.
Synthesized voice capabilities are built into the RE-1 to provide instructions for system users/owners, and to provide prompts for visitors, making the system extremely easy to operate. The voice response system also provides confirmation during remote programming via touch-tone telephone and local programming.

Full-Featured Telephone With Intercom Modes.
The telephone furnished with this entry system has tremendous flexibility. It is functionally identical to any residential phone and offers the following features: it can call up to three pre-programmed off-site numbers; it can generate call waiting tones; and it can call forward via time zone or resident command. For on-premises communications, the RE-1 has a number of valuable intercom capabilities. For a property with multiple entrances, guest houses, or separate apartments, any of these locations can be called, because up to seven RE-1's can share the same telephone line and provide intercom functions (call factory for availablity). In addition, a separate INTERCOM mode allows connection of the RE-1 to a PBX telephone system or a separate residential intercom system via just a pair of wires.

Sophisticated Yet Simple Programming.
Ease of installation is very much a part of the RE-1 concept. Providers can use a standard web browser to program the unit, thus eliminating the need for special software. Programming can also be accomplished from the RE-1's keypad or via a touch-tone telephone. User programming is equally easy. For example, time zone programming is provided to determine the time and/or day residents are active. Programs are also provided to lock out prank calls in the middle of the night, and to lock or open doors and gates as needed.

Optional CCTV. The Ultimate Caller ID.
The RE-1 can be field upgraded with a closed circuit television package that greatly enhances the capability of the system. The package consists of a compact black/white camera that installs neatly behind the unit's darkened lens for an unobtrusive, non-intimidating appearance. Infrared illuminators are provided to ensure clear images in low light conditions. Additionally, Linear can furnish dealer/installers with a CATV multiplexer so they can offer a complete, intergrated monitoring solution.


  • Striking appearance in any setting
  • 12 digit telephone style keypad
  • 100 entry code storage capacity
  • Weather-proof, tamper-resistant housing
  • Internal clock with battery backup
  • Call waiting and call forwarding
  • Event log that keeps record of past 500 system events
  • Two general purpose relays for maximum system functionality
  • Built-in wireless MegaCode radio and antenna
  • Voice prompts. User and owner friendly
  • Full-featured telephone with intercom modes
  • Programing the unit may be done from a computer, the keypad or via telephone
  • Capacity for 100 entry codes for commercial sites
  • Optional CCTV for closed circuit TV security monitoring
  • 24 Month Limited Warranty

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