APOLLO 3600ETL Dual Gate Opener w/ DIY Gate Openers DIY Kit & extra remote (3600ETL)  - w/ 20 Watt Solar Panel

APOLLO 3600ETL Dual Gate Opener w/ DIY Gate Openers DIY Kit & extra remote (3600ETL) - w/ 20 Watt Solar Panel

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The Apollo 3600ETL Dual Opener is a practical system that allows for easy installation. With the DIYGateOpeners.com additions, a 5' long, 4"x4" steel post with the mounting plate pre-mounted on top, the customer saves the time and money necessary in finding a welder for installation. Similarly, because this opener uses a low voltage charge, it is unnecessary to run 110AC to the gate. Also, the low voltage design allows the customer to use a household outlet within 1,000 ft. of the operator by running a 14-guage low voltage wire between the two. For customers who are eco-friendly, or who wish to save on electrical bills, it is also possible to use a solar panel to charge the battery with the same wire. The Apollo 3600ETL's large-sized NEMA 3R control box can hold a larger battery than many other units. This means the unit has the capacity for extra power storage with a deep cycle marine battery (not included), providing enough energy for up to 300 cycles (about 15 seconds in each direction), or approximately 30 days before the necessary recharge.

In addition to the Apollo 3600ETL's low voltage convenience and eco-friendly options, the unit is durable and well-designed. The opener uses the sophisticated 800 series control board, and has a new arm design that eliminates major pinch points. Also, since it is a compact unit, it has a low profile to provide for visual appeal and functionality. Finally, this system is ETL approved.

Solar Gate Opener

Going solar has never been easier! Apollo, the Gate Opener name you know and trust is now available with a solar panel. Effectively automate your gate, reduce your energy dependence, and you may even save money by learning about the potential tax rebate advantages. Please note: the solar panel you receive may differ in appearance from the one pictured above.

Quick Steps to Going Solar:

  1. Check out the solar zone maps and find your state.
  2. Review the chart to match the wattage and desired (estimated) cycles per day.
  3. Select a solar panel wattage from the drop down menu above.
  4. Print the Apollo Certificate & retain for tax purposes.
  5. Add to Cart.
Solar Panel Zone Map

The colors on this map designate solar zones during the periods of the year when the least amount of sun light is available. The recommended cycles do not factor the power draw of accessories. Cycles are considered one full opening and closing movement of a maximum size/weight gate for the corresponding opener. Cycles are also figured to be proportionally distributed over a 12 to 14 hour period; not consecutive.


    Zone 3 Zone 2 Zone 1
Apollo 1500/1550
20W 48 44 40
30W 70 65 60
40W (30W & 10W in Parellel) 92 86 80


The Apollo 3600ETL Dual Opener is a practical system that is easy to install, especially with the DIYGateOpeners.com additions, which allow a no-welding installation. For users who are eco-conscious, this model is also solar compatible.

  • Gate Length and Weight - Up to 20' in length and 1000 lbs per leaf
  • Gate Materials - Wood, Steel, Aluminum, Vinyl, Chain Link, and more
  • Gate Post or Column Size (pull to open design) - Unlimited; operator should be set up so drive shaft is 31.5" from centerline of hinge
  • Power - Battery (not included) and Low Voltage Trickle Charge (included; 12V DC system)
  • Solar Compatible - Yes
  • Operating Temperature: -20F to +150F
  • Warranty:2-year manufacturer control board/ 2-year component manufacturer warranty.
  • Control Board: Comes standard with the 936 board but can also be upgraded 1050 board.
  • Power Wire Specification: 16 gauge wire (purchased separately) with 1,000 foot max length from transformer to control board.

  • Auto Reverse Sensitivity - adjustable
  • Auto Close Delay - adjustable
  • Dual Gate Delay - adjustable
  • Timer to Close
  • Secondary Disable
  • Adjustable Lock Type
  • Free Exit Option
  • Learn Mode

  • Weld On Brackets
  • 2 Operator arms
  • 2 Operator Bodies and Control Boards
  • Manual


In addition to providing innovative and renowned products, DIYGateOpeners.com has a unique website that allows customers to truly visualize their security aspirations. On the website, customers can utilize the virtual builder to create a representation of their home security gate system, complete with varying gate materials and designs. The customization doesn't stop there, however. DIYGateOpeners.com ensures that all points of gate opener installation are taken into account by offering such considerations as distance to power supply, distance from house to gate, the number of homes secured by the gate, etc. By giving customers the opportunity to take these points into consideration, DIYGateOpeners.com ensures that the realization of the design is not only effective, but also possible; there will be no trial and error with fitting the proper gate opener to a customer's security needs. Furthermore, our Discount It Yourself packages allow customers to choose what they need, not what someone else thinks they will need. Every gate opener design is truly customized to the consumer's specifications.

The website design is all about putting the customer's needs first, and DIYGateOpeners.com does not stop there. The difference of any gate opener or accessory that a customer finds on an authorized dealer's website for cheaper will be refunded, plus 10% of that difference. Similarly, if the 9am-9pm EST Tech Support Hours do not fit a customer's schedule, the customer need only send in an e-mail detailing expected installation time, and DIYGateOpeners.com will respond with a number for the customer to reach a representative during the scheduled installation. How many other companies will alter their business hours for a customer? At DIYGateOpeners.com, the customer really does come first.

Manual: 3500 3600_manual

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