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Control Board
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Estate Swing E-S1600 / E-S1602 Control Board

Sale Price: $189.00


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Estate Swing E-S1600 / E-S1602 Control Board, if using as a replacement for an E-S 1600 or E-SC 1600 limit switches will have to be used - see bottom of description.

Below is a video that is an overview of all the connections of the E-S Classic board and what they are used for.

Below is a video that is a step by step wiring conversion from the E-S 1600 with 425D baord to an E-S Classic board.

Below is a video that is a guide for people converting an old E-S 1600 that was using positive stops instead of limit switches to an E-S classic board. With the E-S Classic board the internal limit switches will have to be set and utilized.

The original control board for the E-S 1600 and E-SC 1600 there was an option of using limit switches or using physical positive stops. The E-S 1600 arm has the limit switches located inside the operator arm from the factory, see the video above for setting those limits if you were not previously using them. If you were previously using them the limits will already be in the correct location and do not need to be changed, simply make your wiring conversions. If you have an E-SC 1600 without limit switches those will need to be purchased in order to utilize this board (qty 1 for single, qty 2 for dual): Link to Purchase E-SC 1600 Limit Switch Kit

If you are unsure if your previous board was using limit switches or not, this can be determined by observing the CN3 terminal block. Either you will have wires connected to those terminals that can be traced back to the gate opener arm (meaning you are using limit switches) or you will find short pieces of wire connecting the terminals together - otherwise known as jumping the terminals (not using limit switches).

If making a conversion on an E-S 1600 or E-SC 1600 please note that the new control board will not mount in the old control box mounting holes. You can modify the old box using components from a hardware store (plastic clips or nylon standoffs, etc.), purchase the E-S Classic Control Box, or purchase a new water tight electrical box from a hardware or electrical supply store that will fit the new board (8" wide x 5" tall x 1 1/4" deep board size).

Manual: ClassicBoardGeneralSheet
Manual: 1600ArmClassicBoardConversion

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