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GTO/PRO GP-SW052 Dual Swing Gate Opener (GP-SW052)
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GTO/PRO GP-SW052 Dual Swing Gate Opener (GP-SW052)

Sale Price: $3,698.00


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The GP-SW052 is a highly intelligent system that allows for seamless installation and programming. For instance, the JOG feature allows the user to digitally adjust limits during programming. The digital adjustment capability permits the user to position the end points without time-consuming guesstimates and reprogramming. Similarly, the innovative APS system prevents disturbances in the travel of the gate from interfering with the stop-point counting; other gate openers lose count if there are disturbances in the travel of the gate, slowing the closing time and making the gate less effective as a security measure.

In addition to being technologically innovative, the GP-SW052 is designed for durability. The pad mount operator allows this controller to handle heavy-duty gates since it is mounted on the ground and can handle the demands of frequently-used gates. The 1200:1 direct drive worm gear combined with the 2500 RPM ensures that wear and tear on the motor is kept at a minimum so the life-expectancy of the unit is prolonged compared to other systems.

Finally, the versatility of this controller is enhanced by its compatibility with a number of accessories, such as loops and guard station controls. Likewise, aside from the external power source, this controller comes with a battery backup (the Uninterrupted Power System ensures there is no hitch in transitioning to backup power) that can provide enough power for approximately 100 cycles at full charge. Because this system uses 120v power, it is recommended that a professional installer be utilized for installation.


The GTO/PRO GP-SW052 is an innovation for gate opener controllers. It has advancements in limit positioning, power supply, and control board technology, and is designed for a high usage residential with a 7 year warranty.

  • Gate Length and Weight - Up to 16' in length and 650 lbs per leaf
  • Gate Materials - Wood, Steel, Aluminum, Vinyl, Panel, Ornamental, Chain Link, and more
  • Gate Post or Column Size (pull to open design) - Unlimited; the mounting pad should be poured so front edge of pad is 18.5" from centerline of hinge
  • Power – 120v @ 60Hz; 12v U1, 230A cold crank amp batteries (not included)
  • Solar Compatible – No


  • AC Powered with inherent UPS (Uninterrupted Power System / Battery Backup) gate operation and all DC powered counters/safety devices. 24 V DC power delivers 300 Amp UPS
  • 120 Vac 60 Hz built in power receptacles (1 amp rated)
  • 1200:1 direct drive worm gear with totally enclosed gear reduction
  • 2500 RPM, 24V brushless DC motor 1/2 HP. equivalent
  • 100% solid-state motor controls circuitry
  • Operating temp 5 F (-28C) to +160 F (71 C)
  • Opening speed to 90 degrees from 15 seconds
  • Weatherproof high density ABS, UV resistant cover
  • Heavy Duty Steel Chassis
    • GTO's advanced technology residential control board
  • Digital optical limits with fine adjustment JOG push buttons for easy and accurate setting of limits
  • 100% solid-state motor controls circuitry
  • APS (Absolute Position System) tracking system
  • On board 3-Push button control station
  • Operation, diagnostic and safety alarms, reverse sensor system
  • Visual LED and audible diagnostic indicators
  • Plug-in loop detector inputs for exit, shadow and safety loops
  • Smooth start / smooth stop - for long mechanical life expectancy
  • Built in power management system utilizing a high efficiency switch mode power supply. (AC power supply, audible and visual low battery indicators, no loss of functionality in battery backup mode)
  • Auto close adjustable 3-120 seconds delay
  • Fail Safe or Fail Secure DIP switch selectable for low battery operation
  • 12 Vdc, 300mA (.3 Amp), poly fuse protected auxiliary power output

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