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GTO/PRO SW2000XL Single Swing Gate Opener (PROSW2000XL)
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GTO/PRO SW2000XL Single Swing Gate Opener (PROSW2000XL)

Sale Price: $671.63


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The GTO/PRO 2000XL Single Opener is a practical system that allows for easy installation. Because this opener uses a low voltage charge, it is unnecessary to employ an electrician for installation, saving the customer some extra money. Also, the low voltage design allows the customer to use a household outlet within 1,000 ft. of the operator by running a 16-gauge low voltage 2-conductor wire between the two. For customers who are eco-friendly, or who wish to save on electrical bills, it is also possible to use a solar panel within 200' to charge the battery with the same wire. The GTO/PRO 2000XL's oversized control box can hold two 7 amp/hour batteries. This means the unit has the capacity for extra power storage for solar power, as well as for higher opening cycle situations.

Aside from being practical, this unit is also versatile. Useful for residential situations, this opener can be used with gates constructed from a variety of materials, including farm tubing, steel, aluminum, wood, and chain link, along with many others. Likewise, the GTO/PRO 2000XL can be enhanced with a push-to-open bracket accessory (not included) to push the gate open away from the property, while the arms remain mounted on the side closest to the property. Finally, this model is compatible with GTO Inc.'s complete line of accessories including keypads, transmitters, exit wands, gate locks, solar panels, etc.


The GTO/PRO 2000XL Single Opener is a practical system that is easy to install. Because of its low voltage system and uncomplicated design, there is no need to employ an electrician or welder for installation, saving the customer extra money. This model is also the smallest end of the GTO/PRO line.

  • Gate Length and Weight - Up to 16ft in length OR 500lbs, Click here for Graduated weight vs. length scale*
  • Gate Materials - Light Wood, Light Steel, Aluminum, Vinyl, Chain Link, and more
  • Gate Post or Column Size (pull to open design) - Max 4"x4" post or gate mounted 2" from the rear face of a column (the gate side facing the property)
  • Push to Open - Yes (bracket sold separately); setback does not apply to push to open
  • Power - Battery (included) and Low Voltage Trickle Charge (included; 12V DC system)
  • Solar Compatible - Yes
  • Learn Mode - The learning mode allows the customer to set end points with a remote. Using the transmitter, the user tells the opener where to stop, and then these settings can be saved on the control board.
  • Soft Start/Soft Stop - This feature eases the wear and tear on the gate. During a normal cycle, the opener automatically slows the motion of the gate near the stop points so the gate closes smoothly and with minimal impact. This feature can also be switched off.
  • Closing Timer - The closing timer allows the customer to set the gate to close automatically at 0 to 120 seconds after the gate has reached the fully open position. The customer also has the option of leaving this feature off so the gate remains open until an entry device activates the closing motion.


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