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Estate Swing Advanced Wired Keypad (EASYBKA)
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Estate Swing Advanced Wired Keypad (EASYBKA) - Without Stand

Sale Price: $169.95
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This keypad (available with or without the stand; select option) embodies ruggedness and is versatile for many situations. The wired keypad features two relays for two entrances, or dual restriction access.

Two Entrance Access: It is highly recommended to have a pedestrian gate alongside the vehicular gate. It is possible to wire the Estate Swing Advanced Keypad into both locking systems and have different codes open the different gates.

Dual Restriction Access: If used in conjunction with a timer, the property owner could use the timer to have some codes that are 24 hour access and other codes that are time restricted. The time restrictions would be dictated with the timer. Both code sets would seem the same to the user, and only the programmer would know which are going to activate the 24 hour circuit and which are going to activate the timer blocked circuit.

The entire unit is heavy gauge stainless steel and the keys are backlit at night for easy keypad location and night time usage. Other features include a built in tamper switch to cut off the keypad functions if the keypad is removed, a built in heater for low temperature usage, and full weatherproofing without the need for a hood or housing.

The keypad can hold up to 500 different entry codes combinations for guests, residents, deliveries, maintenance, or services. The codes are all independently changeable - this means that it is possible to have a code for immediate family that never changes, a second temporary code for guests and yet another code that can be included inon incoming shipments, which can be deleted right after the shipments are receivedl; all these changes can be made without affecting the other codes.

This keypad can also be purchased with a keypad stand. The keypad stand is made from aluminum and is precisely hand-welded to place the keypad or intercom in the perfect location and angle.

Face Plate: 2"x6" - no pre-drilled hole

Height: 5' tall (After installation of 1' in ground - 4' tall)
Clearance: 9" from face of plate to inside face of post

This unit is not recommended for usage with solar operated Estate Swing gate openers because of the power consumption of the backlit keys and the heater function.


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