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Estate Swing Wireless Basic Keypad (WKP-P)
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Estate Swing Wireless Basic Keypad (WKP-P) - Without Stand

Sale Price: $49.95
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Available with stand or keypad only. This is the standard for basic guest entry. It is fully wireless with the Estate Swing Vinyl Series gate opener for up to 40' away form the receiver (depending on conditions). It features a stainless steel face and hard plastic sides (same material hockey pucks are made from). Overall it is a highly durable keypad that is made to be used in full outdoor conditions without a hood or cover of any sort. The keys are backlit upon touch for nighttime usage.

The keypad can hold up to 60 4-digit codes for guests, residents, deliveries, maintenance, or services. The codes are all independently changeable - this means that you can have a code for immediate family that never changes, a second code for guests that you may want to later restrict access to and still yet another code that you can include in your address on incoming shipments which can be deleted right after the shipments are received without your family or guests being affected.

You have the option for distances greater than 40' to wire the keypad to the gate opener or in areas with poor 318 MHz reception. This feature is built into the back of the keypad and can be done with 16 - 22 gauge wire.

You can also purchase this keypad with a keypad stand. The keypad stand is made from aluminum and is precisely hand-welded to place your keypad or intercom in the perfect location and angle.

Face Plate: 2"x6" - no pre-drilled hole

Height: 5' tall (After installation of 1' in ground - 4' tall)
Clearance: 9" from face of plate to inside face of post


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